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Tag: Maine

#1 Rocky Mountain National Park; Seboomook, ME, Sisters on the Fly, Book Reviews

Podcast Release Date: April 19, 2015

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Gaylene talks about Rocky Mountain National Park‘s 100th birthday. Mindie talks about camping in Maine’s remote north woods in a small town called Seboomook on the north shore of Moosehead Lake.  Gaylene tells about the Sisters on the Fly travel adventure group for women, and Mindie gives some unusual tips for using selfie-sticks. Both Mindie and Gaylene review three books that compelled them to travel – Susan Branch’s A Fine Romance, Frances Mayes’ Under the Tuscan Sun and Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love. 

Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park  celebrated its 100th anniversary as a national park in 2015. It was founded in January of 1915. It is about 90 miles east of Denver. There are two bordering towns – Estes Park on the east side which is more touristy and home to the Stanley Hotel,  and Grand Lake  is on the west side and it is much quieter, rustic and less touristy.

Prior to the establishment of RMNP, the area was well known as the Dude Ranch capital.

Popular sites in Grand Lake are the Grand Lake Lodge, and there is an actual lake named “Grand Lake” and it is Colorado’s largest natural lake – also called “Spirit Lake” named for the Indian spirits who still linger after a great tragedy many years ago.

The RMNP offers great hunting, hiking and fishing and Grand Lake has the highest incorporated yacht club. It’s known for sailing.

Trail Ridge Road runs across the park from Estes Park to Grand Lake. It is the highest paved road in the USA 12,000 feet. Not open for traffic in the winter.

Sisters on the Fly

SISTERS ON THE FLY  is a women’s adventure group- Women on the Fly  – liked fly fishing.  Group is 5000 women. The group has the USA broken up into regions.  The offer Regional get-togethers and an annual meeting of about 100 at a campground. Many group activities, some rules, earn badges. Being at an adult girl scout badge. Don’t have a camper to join.

Seboomook, Maine

Seboomook Wilderness Campground on the northwest shores of Moosehead Lake. Open April – December.

Moosehead Lake  fishing, kayaking, canoeing with waterside camping sites that have lean-tos and hookups. Range from $20-$30 per night. Cabins also available.
Was once a Prisoner of War Camp
Henry David Thoreau used the Northeast Carey connector twice during his Maine Explorations

The Golden Road runs from Canada to Millinocket and is privately owned by logging and paper mill companies. Can travel on it, but must pay at the entry gates. Northwoods wilderness at its wildest.

Pittston Farm – near Seboomook – year round lodging and nice restaurant.

Selfie Stick – Tips and Uses

Selfie Stick – Perfect for digital cameras, camcorder, go pro and most cell phones. Makes a great tool for short travel videos and commentary. See how it’s used in this short video on a haunted bridge.


Under the Tuscan Sun – by Frances Mayes

A Fine Romance – Susan Branch

Susan Branch’s website 

Eat Pray Love – Elizabeth Gilbert


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